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Alumni of the Month - Jennifer Shelley

Jennifer Shelley

Year of Graduation


What have you done since graduating from Port Allegany High School? 

Upon high school graduation, I continued my volleyball career as a Tomcat at Thiel College in Greenville, Pennsylvania. I studied early childhood education and special education while at Thiel.  

During my junior year at Thiel, I was awarded the Vira I. Heinz Scholarship (an international experience program for women in global leadership). I chose to immerse myself in the Thai culture by traveling to Thailand by myself, staying in a homestay, and teaching English in an all Thai-speaking school. Between my homestay family and my friends from the school, I was able to experience the Thai culture and also sight-see some very incredible landmarks in Thailand. That same summer, I traveled to Costa Rica with my volleyball team at Thiel for our international trip. 

After graduation in December 2016, I accepted a long-term substitute teaching position with the Grove City School District in Grove City, Pennsylvania. I taught kindergarten for four months. That summer, I accepted a summer school teaching position at George Junior Republic in Grove City, Pennsylvania (an all-boys at-risk youth middle/high school). 

Following the summer, I was offered a full time position with the Grove City School District as a 4th/5th grade learning support teacher. I stayed in this position for two years. This year, I teach 3rd grade social studies, science, and math. This is my third full year with the Grove City School District.  

In addition to teaching, I also referee volleyball at the high school and collegiate level. This year was my first year as an assistant coach for the girls varsity volleyball team at Grove City. I stay heavily involved in volleyball as an adult between coaching, refereeing, and playing in tournaments year round.

Where do you currently live?

Grove City, Pennsylvania

Who was your favorite teacher in high school?  Why were they your favorite?

My favorite teacher in high school was Sharon Daniels. Mrs. Daniels taught many subjects in high school, but on top of that, she was also my volleyball coach.  

I was able to get to know Sharon outside of the classroom, and she became my second mom throughout my high school career. She truly cared for her students and players. She always made sure to give us motivating speeches and always reminded us to make good choices. We shared many laughs, sad moments, and cheers, among many more memories. 

My favorite memory of Mrs. Daniels was from volleyball. She would set a goal for our team during practice, and once we reached that goal, she served us breakfast at her house on Friday morning.  That really goes to show just how much she cared about us, going over and beyond for the youth in the Port Allegany High School.

What is your fondest memory of Port Allegany High School? 

My fondest memory from high school is winning back-to-back NTL championships my junior and senior year and the send-off the school had for us for our road trip to state playoffs. I loved having the stands always full of fans cheering us on.  

I also really enjoyed going to homecoming and prom with all of my friends.