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We are proud of our alumni legacy. Over the past 180 years, many remarkable individuals have walked through the halls of Port Allegany schools. We think these people have fascinating stories to tell, and we want to share some those stories here with you. May all of our alumni know how honored we are to know you; you are always welcome here at “home.”

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We are very pleased to showcase noteworthy individuals who have left a fine legacy and defined the very essence of what and who we are - those who have made us better simply because they were here.

Brain Payne holding a poster. He is with a boy and girl each with medalsAlumni of the Month -  Dr. Brian Payne

Year of Graduation


What have you done since graduating from Port Allegany High School? 

After graduating from high school, I attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania for my bachelor’s in sociology, my master’s, and PhD in criminology. I subsequently worked at three different universities as a professor, department chair, and administrator. Currently, I am vice provost for academic affairs at Old Dominion University where I oversee academic student success initiatives, the honors college, assessment, advising, continuing education, and other initiatives.

While I enjoy being an academic administrator, my passion lies in teaching and doing research. I teach classes related to cybercrime and criminal justice and especially welcome teaching incoming freshmen. I have authored / co-authored eight books, some of which probably make excellent sedatives. I am the director of the Coastal Virginia Center for Cyber Innovation and the chair of the Hampton Roads Cybersecurity Education, Workforce, and Economic Development Alliance. These efforts bring together professors, researchers, and businesses in an effort to use our academic and research activities to spawn economic development.

I have been married to my wife, Kathleen, for 23 years. We are the proud parents of three children – Chloe, Charles, and Claire. I met Kathleen at Troy State University where we both worked in our first jobs out of college. Kathleen is a Gator too, (a Florida Gator though, not a Port Allegany Gator!). Our children bring us immense pride and joy (and just a little grief)."

Where do you currently live?

Norfolk, Virginia

Who was your favorite teacher in high school?  Why were they your favorite?

Mrs. Gregg, Mr. Teklaw, and Mr. Saiers were most certainly among my favorites. Each of them taught me a different language and opened my mind to new ideas, topics, and frameworks.

Mrs. Gregg helped me think globally, on a much bigger level than I would have ever imagined. En francais s'il vous plaît! Merci Beaucoup!

Mr. Teklaw taught me that mathematical challenges were nothing more than challenges of the human mind and those challenges, like other challenges we face, can be solved.

Mr. Saiers taught me the basics of the English language with a passion the rest of us could only hope to emulate. One lesson I remember clearly from Mr. Saiers is that it is improper to start a sentence with the word “and,” though he explained that professional writers had authority to do so. Until and unless we were professionals ourselves, he explained, we must not start our sentences with “and.” I don’t do it often, but over the years I have started a sentence with “and” on a couple occasions. And thinking back to high school English, it makes me smile – the same way that a kid smiles after they do something sneaky -- when I use the “professional writing authority” card.

What is your fondest memory of Port Allegany High School? 

Hating football practice and loving fondue in French class. It's no wonder I wore husky clothes back then.