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Alumni of the Month - Corey Raymo


Corey RaymoRaymo

Year of Graduation


What have you done since graduating from Port Allegany High School?

I went to work for JLG Industries, Inc. in 2001 after graduating from Penn State University. I earned my MBA in 2004 and continued working at JLG until my last role as global marketing director. I was let go in November of 2016, and I am now running my own business, No Time To Lose Fitness, LLC. in Greencastle, PA. I have been doing Spartan racing for five years and am now one of the top ranked elite Spartan racers in the world.

I married my wife, Malinda Raymo (Bennett), in 2009, and we have a daughter Maicey who is nine and a son Cayde who is six.

Where do you currently live?

Greencastle, PA

Who was your favorite teacher in high school? Why were they your favorite?

So tough to pick a favorite! I'm going to break the rules and choose two - Mrs. Gregg and Mr. Finn. Mrs. Gregg was just one of those teachers that truly wanted the best for students and went about it in such a gentle, encouraging, and innocent way that it brought out the best in students. I can recall a few specific examples where she encouraged me and was ultimately the reason for some key decisions for me in high school. Mr. Finn was just all around awesome. He taught us some great stuff but always allowed us to have some fun while doing it which always makes the learning easier.

What is your fondest memory of Port Allegany High School?

So much centered around football so that definitely stands out. I'd have to say one of the most memorable games was in junior high when we went to Coudersport and defeated them 6-0 as severe underdogs. It was just junior high, but we sure felt like the United States olympic hockey team defeating the Russians that night!

I've done a lot of really cool stuff in my life and traveled to a lot of really cool places around the world, but Port Allegany is always in my roots and is my foundation for all I've done. It is certainly a small town, but the lessons we learned growing up and the things we got to do in a small town are all things that shouldn't go unappreciated. The friendships, the sports and camaraderie, self-respect and respect for others, discipline, and work ethic are all things that get missed too much growing up today. I'm certainly thankful for my roots in Port Allegany that helped make me who I am.