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We are proud of our alumni legacy. Over the past 180 years, many remarkable individuals have walked through the halls of Port Allegany schools. We think these people have fascinating stories to tell, and we want to share some those stories here with you. May all of our alumni know how honored we are to know you; you are always welcome here at “home.”

Leaving a Legacy

We are very pleased to showcase noteworthy individuals who have left a fine legacy and defined the very essence of what and who we are - those who have made us better simply because they were here.

Alumni of the Month - Justin Cochran

Justin Cochran

Justin Cochran

Year of Graduation

What have you done since graduating from Port Allegany High School?

Since graduating from Port Allegany in 1999, I worked briefly in the area for Adelphia Communications and Telcove. I then relocated to New York state.

Once the economic downturn hit, I had to take control of my future. I enrolled in college, albeit a bit late, ultimately obtaining my bachelor's degree in organizational management from Keuka College, and finished my MBA thereafter. Afterwards I did some counseling for adults in a halfway house who suffered from drug addiction. I, too, struggled with this issue and felt that my experiences would allow me to help others in a positive way. Sadly, funding was slashed and staff was reduced, but I cherish my time there and the profound impact that myself and others were able to help make in some of their lives.

Fast forward to today and you will find me working as a key account specialist in the optical fiber commercial operations group for Corning Incorporated, makers of specialty glass, ceramics, and advanced optical solutions and most likely the cover glass found on your smartphone or tablet!

Where do you currently live?

Horseheads, New York

Who was your favorite teacher in high school? Why were they your favorite?

Reading the other alumni profiles I see that Mr. Stavisky gets a lot of love, and rightfully so. Even after graduation his door was always open.   also enjoyed Mr. Bodamer, who cared about teaching and the importance of teamwork. As an alumnus, I am very proud of the leadership he showed while leading the 2012 Gator football team to a fantastic finish in the PIAA. Today when I drive I remember him teaching us to check the rear view mirror every eight seconds (I think it is.)

I was fortunate enough to have been taught by one of the finest musical and vocal instructors you will find east of the Mississippi. Mr. Myers is a tough, demanding instructor who is fiercely dedicated to his profession. I think anyone who was influenced musically by him or his wife can appreciate the intensity and the determination each of them had to make concerts and shows so successful and eagerly anticipated by the students and community. Once the “curtain closes” on their illustrious careers, both Mr. and Mrs. Myers will have set a new standard for how music and voice should be taught.

I also want to acknowledge Mr. Kio and his contributions to education for the Port Allegany School District, even if his only fault is being a Dolphins fan! He was my 3rd and 4th grade science teacher (and the best recess playground quarterback in modern history). Since those days he has progressed, and deservedly so, to a top-level administrative job within the district. To this day he remains an outstanding all-around human being, and the district is fortunate to have a leader of his caliber.

What is your fondest memory of Port Allegany High School?

I would have to say our rivalry vs. Coudersport in just about everything, but especially basketball.  Both the boys and girls teams played so hard and selflessly, and we as students were so loud.  

I also enjoyed my show choir colleagues and my year as co-captain of the track team. My senior year was incredible, and my hope is that my younger family, Tyler Kaple, who just finished high school, and Teddi Kaple and Eli Davis, who are still in, will one day be able to share their stories of success here as well.