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Alumni of the Month - Jennifer “Jenn” Wallace Moses


Jennifer “Jenn” Wallace Moses

Year of Graduation


What have you done since graduating from Port Allegany High School?

I earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Pitt-Bradford. I married my high school sweetheart, Chad, and secured an internship in telecommunications that led to a career for the past 18 years. I presently work for CenturyLink, the third largest United States communications provider in more than 60 countries. My office is in Coudersport, and I am responsible for business communications and employee engagement.

Operating heavy equipment after high school, my husband’s interest directed us to start our business, C. Moses Excavating, fourteen years ago specializing in road building, road maintenance, and land clearing.  

Chad and I have three children: Carter (14), Blaine (13), and Ella (11). Baptized together last fall, we are active members of the Chestnut Street Baptist Church in Port Allegany.

In 2014, we began a “do-it-yourself” log home build. Friends and family helped at various stages, and our children learned the value of hard work.  
I enjoy organizing blood drives, coaching youth sports, orchestrating sports events, and being an advocate for athlete safety. I am on a USA Football National Commissioner Task Force to develop best practices for partnering with coaches, players, and parents to secure the future of football. As the first official player safety coach of the junior high and varsity high school football teams this fall, I helped with equipment and hydration needs.  

Where do you currently live?

Port Allegany

Who was your favorite teacher in high school? Why were they your favorite?

  • Mrs. Janice Vicini and Mrs. Irva Blauvelt (elementary school) for their gentle, loving natures. 
  • English teachers Mr. and Mrs. Saiers for preparing me for my college classes. 
  • Mrs. Heather Costa for breaking down math and algebra into bite size, digestible courses.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Myers for their enthusiasm about songs they have sung a million times.
  • Coach Robert Raudenbush for his professionalism on and off the basketball court.  

What is your fondest memory of Port Allegany High School?

My fondest memories include Saturday football games, Channel One morning news, working in the principal’s office, donkey basketball, pep assemblies, homecoming spirit week and parade, showcase music weekend, sports practices, eating dinner with teammates before a game, gym class archery, and serving Fox’s Pizza to every family in town. 

Thank you for the nomination of alumni of the month. It is nice to be where everyone knows my name. Port Allegany remains a place with small town hospitality, a place to stay easily informed, and a place with many opportunities to lend a hand. This is my home! God bless.


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